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The Spray Tan Experience

The Spray Tan Experience

Spray tanning experiences differ greatly depending on who is giving the treatment and where it's being given.  At Tan Frenzy, we strive to exceed the traditional expectations and work to help provide superior service experiences which typically leads to superior tanning results

Tan Frenzy's (5-Diamond Service) Experience Standards

1. Expectations Set.

2. Confidentiality & Discretion

3. Client Prep from Head to Fingers to Toes.

4. Professional Environment & Professional Technician

5. Unparalleled Technique Expertise

6. Exclusive Sunless Solutions & Bronzing Elixers

Tan Frenzy Professionals adhere to the 6 listed standards with every spray tan provided.  We set a solid foundation for exceptional customer service which leads to flawless, consistent results.  Spray tanning is an art which can be perfected and made for a relaxing, comfortable experience when taught correctly.  We advise using TF solution coupled with our state of the art equipment for best results.  We excel at bronzing skin into the most believable brown tan available.  

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