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Must Do Secrets Self- Tanning

Must Do Secrets Self- Tanning

I've been a self-tanning devotee for about 10 years now and sometimes the little stuff makes a BIG difference when applying a self tan or receiving a professional one.  Most know to get waxed, manis & pedis, and to exfoliate all prior to a tan- however below are my top 5 "musts" to check off of your list when actually applying it....

1) Cover those age/brown spots!  On your face and body- anywhere you want to disguise those guys rather than make em darker.  We use our Jojoba Cuticle Cover on all those little spots. Just dab it on.  Not sure where yours are?  Tan once without covering them and you'll soon find out! After tanning wipe off the spots where you had the lotion covering- let your tan develop and you'll notice they've all blended into your beautifully bronzed skin. Blur imperfections- winning!

2) Cover your cuticles on toes & fingers!  This is a biggie- keep your cuticles tan free and your mani and pedi looking perfect by covering your cuticles so that they don't tan.  Everything looks better with a Tan Frenzy spray tan- even your mani and pedi.

3) Cold rinse!  If you are like me- you are usually rushing and tanning at the last possible minute.  Honestly it is best to shave hours before you tan because shaving right before you do- leaves pores open and your tan can "spot."  Also taking a scolding hot shower can do the same thing (guilty again).  To help your tan look as smooth as possible, do a quick cold rinse before you get out of your shower, especially on your legs and face to help close your pores so that your tan applies flawlessly.

4) Just after a tan- wipe your nail beds, armpits, upper lip area and palms.  It's not the most glamours advice but you'll thank me later.   There are certain areas that just don't need to be tan- and above are it. 

5) Just Blend!  Self- tanning takes practice and patience.  Hands, feet, and décolletage are the pain spots.  Take it slow here and use a delicate hand. Blend outward and perfect- if you mess up these spots- wipe off, wash off these area only and try again.  Keep tops of hands a little lighter, make sure to go in-between toes and fingers and if you sweat- powder your chest with any talc-free powder to keep your tan perfect


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