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Tan Frenzy is Open for Business!

Tan Frenzy is Open for Business!

We're goal getters, coffee lovers, sisters, moms, girlfriends, health nuts and beauty enthusiasts~ probably a lot like you!  Balancing life is a little tricky but truly incredible and we wouldn't have it any other way!

At Tan Frenzy we offer a luxe sunless tanning product to primarily women who deem the look and health of their skin a top priority. TF self tanners are made with organic ingredients, infused with anti-aging botanicals and blended with gorgeous bronzing hues for use in your home personally or in a salon professionally.  

We’re a little different bc we’ve developed our tanners to enhance your features.  We’ve built self tanners using bronzers with tones specifically for blondes and tones used specifically for brunettes.  We bring out your best and help to blur the rest. 

We hope that you enjoy them as a customer or use them to create a sunless business of your own.

Cheers. xoxo


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