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Sunless Tanning Certification

Tan Frenzy, the premier boutique sunless provider, offers this exclusive Sunless Tanning Certification through our vast knowledge and experience in the mobile sunless tanning industry.

Provided is a complete sunless handbook along with a certification test and a TF Sunless Certificate to help prepare you for your certification and sunless business. We’ll help you to become an expert in sunless technique and science. 

Create a strong foundation for your business with confidence in your sunless knowledge. 

When you purchase a Sunless Certification, you'll receive an email with your study guides and a link to your sunless certification test.  Upon completion of your test,  a sunless certificate will be mailed to your door.

*Please put your email address where you would like to receive your certification link in the notes section at checkout. 

**If you are purchasing multiple certificates for training others- please email us at for a multiple discount. 


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