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Consultant FAQs

Do I get to keep 100% of the money I earn spray tanning?Yes! Your kit and the cash you earn from spray tanning are yours to keep.
Once I purchase a kit, do I have to pay any more money or only order through Tan Frenzy?

No. Your kit purchase provides everything you need to offer spray tanning. We are here to service your business if you’d like to re-order solution or items to improve your business and brand, but there are no rules about ordering only with us in your future. We look to earn your trust and business with no contingencies!

How much money am I going to make?

How much money do you want or need to make? Set up a strategy call and or email us this form and we’ll work backwards from that number to tell you exactly how you can get there.

For example, the solution needed for one spray tan typically costs about $2.50. So, the cost of the service is mostly tied to what your time and expertise is worth. Below is an estimate for what you can earn spray tanning alone:

1 Tan = $45

5 Tans = $225

10 Tans = $450.00

15 tans = $620.00

10 tans per week, per month = $1800.00 per month

**More revenue: Typically, your clients will also purchase retail products from you and some clients will look for you to come to their home for their service, which is added revenue. Are you looking to earn $3000+ per month? Check out our executive retail rep page >

How quickly will my business pay for itself?

That depends upon which kit you purchase and which website platform you want. However, on average, your kit is paid for in the first 2-3 weeks. 12-15 paying clients, friends, and family members, and you’ve already made your money back!

I’ve always thought I could have a spray tan business–even if just for my friends, kids or myself, but I’m scared to pull the trigger!

Spray tanning is a no-brainer when it comes to choosing an out-of-the-box business. It's safe and doesn’t have the negative side effects of the sun. It’s easy, quick, and actually, fun to do. Spray tanning is an art and looks good with attention to detail (just like make-up). If you’ve ever thought about spray tanning as a business, this is the way to go. It’s not like selling a product–you are offer a service people actually want and seek. You’ll be surprised at the ease of setting appointments, getting appointments, and retaining clients.

Can I get one-on-one spray tanning technique training with an expert?

When you are spray tanning a client, we encourage offering the 5-Diamond Experience with confidence. There are several free ways to hone your spray tanning skills with Tan Frenzy.

  • The Ivy League was created as your personal reference guide where you’ll find a “cheat sheet” that you can print and carry with you on your first couple of appointments. This ensures you won’t forget any steps in the technique.
  • You’ll also find “expert guides” with secrets and tricks that you can use to perfect your client’s tan.
  • We’ve created free videos to watch and our blog offers additional industry tips & tricks.
However, if you learn best with one-on-one technique training, we’ve created a 30- to 45-minute technique consulting package during which you’ll FaceTime with our experts. We’ve been spray tanning for more than 10 years and would love to share our knowledge of what to expect, how to make your client feel comfortable, and little secrets that have helped us to stand out over the years. We recommend having a model and questions ready to go and will lead the call casually, but with an agenda, so your time and money are well spent. Whether you are looking to do this as a first step or looking to use this time to perfect your craft, we are here for you in all ways.
What if I want extra one-on-one help with my business.

Is your business set up correctly? Is your referral network strong? Looking for fresh perspective or to renew your sunless start-up to rapid profitability. We provide many free business resources for your tanning start up including a free welcome call and a free 6 month start up strategy complete with baby steps to take each month that will give your business a strong foundation. If you are looking for extra one-on-one business consulting we offer a 10-question survey that you can complete with a follow-up consulting meeting call so that we can learn how we can best help you and where you can generate more revenue. We use your survey results to gain insight and establish laser focus for our meeting together.

If I order a kit, can I name my business something different and design my own marketing?

Yes, you can name your business and market your business any way you like. Your business is 100% yours. We are here to help if and when you need it. Make sure to let us know what you’ve come up with so we can add you to our national list of spray tanning experts—this will help you gain clients and brand recognition from our official Tan Frenzy website. If you like, take it a step further and create a custom solution label and marketing items with our marketing team. Click here for private label and marketing options.

May I use Tan Frenzy in my business name (e.g., "Tan Frenzy by Lexi")?

A: Yes, you may! Tan Frenzy is protected and trademarked; however, we want to support our business owners with powerful brand recognition. Using Tan Frenzy in your name gives you a head-start marketing advantage. Please let us know your name idea if you’d like to include Tan Frenzy within your business name.

I’d like my spray tanning business to be listed on your website when clients are looking for a spray tan in my area.

If you have purchased a Tan Frenzy Mobile, Mobile Luxe, or Pro kit and use Tan Frenzy Solutions, you will automatically be listed on our site in your area. Your business will be seen in all searches within 50 miles of your zip code.