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We Love You Too.. Reviews

Tan Frenzy Glowing

“Tan Frenzy has done an incredible job with these products. They feel amazing on the skin and the color is gorgeous and unlike any other spray solution.”


“I’m OBSESSED with the self tanner! Seriously…amazing! I’ve told a couple of friends about it and they’ll be buying it soon.”

~Jenna H.

"I have to say, I have been getting spray tans for a few years now and Tan Frenzy is completely superior! Fabulous color, coverage and evenness."

~Barbara B

"My clients are in love! I'd never trust my business to anything else"

~Betty's Spray Tan Shack

“I LOVE it!! Thank you for my safe tan.”

~Anna A.

"Our tans were PERFECT! We fit right in on the beach.”

~Virginia G.

“We are impressed by the natural look of the tan.”
(Blonde and Brunette Elixirs in light)

~Dr. B. (private label/dermatologist)

“Tan Frenzy’s self tanner is AMAZING! It’s like I just got a $100 spray tan, only I didn’t – I did it myself in less than 5 minutes! It’s hypoallergenic and has several organic and anti aging ingredients in it, so it works great on the face too. It comes with a tanning mitt which makes it super easy to apply evenly from head to toe.”


“OMG! I AM IN LOVE with my Self-Tanning Elixir from Tan Frenzy. I did a light coat last night and am impressed with the overnight results.”

~Sarah N.

“Love how natural it looks and how gorgeous it smells.”

~Michelle K.

“I can’t say enough great things about this GEM of a product by Tan Frenzy. They focus on developing sunless skincare products using gentle and organic ingredients that give gorgeously bronzed, natural looking results. Ingredients are sourced from Paris, France – so you know you are getting an instant self-tanner that is locally made, while using the finest ingredients available world-wide.

Much time and care has gone into making it. It smells good, easy to apply, wears evenly and comes off even too! Let’s talk about the color. This is by far the best. It has colors for brunettes (that’s me) and colors for blondes. It comes with a mitt to apply which is great.”

~NearlyAllThings blog

“I love that you can see it going on when you apply it. Very simple to use”`

~Becky A.

“I love the new color Elixir in Light. I have very light skin and I think it is perfect for my skin color.”

~Mary H.

Precision Blending Brush

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Deluxe Velour Tanning Mitt

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