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         A Smarter Way to Work & A Better Way to Bronze


  Tan Frenzy Consultant Packs

Tan Frenzy, a purveyor of luxury self-tanning elixirs and sunless solutions is a lifestyle company where our focus is creating a superior, ultra-clean, sunless experience for you to share with family,  friends and your favorite salons, spas and boutiques.
Your Schedule ~ Your Happiness ~ Your Business 
                                   Cultivating Beauty Inside & Out

Tan Frenzy Consultant: A successful entrepreneur who sells Self-Tanning Elixirs to friends, family, salons, and boutiques. She may also start her own mobile spray tanning business.

 As a Tan Frenzy Consultant, there are two ways to earn money 

~Receive 25% commission by selling Self-Tanning Elixir to
family, friends and business clients 
~Purchase a Mobile Spray Tanning Business Kit and keep
100% of your spray tanning profits! 

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With Two ways to Earn- Your Business nearly Builds Itself.

Your spray tanning clients will love the self-tanning elixir for touch-ups and your elixir customers will want a spray tan for their special occasions.  The two opportunities work really well together.   

 No Large Upfront Investment or Product Inventory To Hold

  • As a 1099 contractor, we pay commission earned on products sold just as if you were a sales rep at any another business. 
  • Email your customer's order to us through a PO and we’ll take care of the rest! You don’t have to pay upfront or hold inventory.    

Wondering about taxes? We’ll issue a Form 1099-MISC to you that you’ll use to file your taxes (if we’ve paid you more than $600 in a given year).


Tan Frenzy is not an MLM Company and there are no MLM opportunities with Tan Frenzy.

Your Schedule ~ Your Happiness ~ Your Business.

A feeling of success is important and our Tan Frenzy Consultant opportunity is designed to cultivate beauty inside and out throughout your lifestyle.

Selling elixirs gets you into the beautiful environments of salons and spas and offering a mobile spray tanning business allows you to service friends and clients with a healthy alternative to suntanning.    

Create a comfortable work environment where you are rewarded and successful out of your home, with people you like and on your schedule.  It's fun and rewarding to know you've helped other women look and feel their best with sunless tanning that is clean, beautiful and effective

The sunless tanning industry generates more than $750 million dollars and is projected to steadily increase until 2019!*



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