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Step-by-Step Elixir Instructions:

  1. Spritz Elixir onto your tanning mitt and tan legs in a wide circular motion. Respritz mitt as necessary during this process. Fully tan your legs from the top of thighs, inside of thighs, back of thighs, lightly over knees, down to calves, shins, tops of feet to toes.
  2. Spritz more Elixir onto the mitt to tan your stomach, sides, buttocks, and lower back.
  3. Work your way up to your chest, neck, and shoulders, adding more Elixir to the mitt as needed.
  4. Tan your face with your mitt or spritz Elixir into your favorite face moisturizer or foundation.
  5. Lastly, tan the front and back of your arms in the same way you tanned your legs. Lightly go over your hands and fingers. Our mitt is double sided so just flip the mitt and put it onto your left hand to tan your right arm. We suggest tanning your arms last so that when you bend your arms while tanning your upper body you do not crease your tan before it dries.
  6. Look over your tan and apply a second coat wherever necessary.
  7. Dry for about 10 minutes and get dressed. Wait at least 6 hours to shower.
  8. After showering, moisturize and continue to moisturize daily.
  9. Re-apply Elixir to touch-up spots and then as often as you like.
  10. After about a week — exfoliate and start over.

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