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Must Have Anti-Aging Ingredients

Must Have Anti-Aging Ingredients

What's in it for you?
Everything!  You're not just a pretty face...
The first of its kind, Tan Frenzy releases our signature beauty-in-a-bottle luxury Bronze sunless tanning Elixirs and Dark Tanning Solutions. They are infused with ultra nourishing ingredients to keep your skin gorgeous inside & out.
With every application we've got you covered... 

organic aloe vera:  to hydrate  

organic argon oil:  to soften

retinol vitamin A:  to reduce appearance of aging skin

L-ascorbic acid vitamin C:  to reverse skin damage

caffeine: to reduce inflammation

witch hazel:  to clear skin

grapefruit:  to enhance smoothness and elasticity

Our promise to you is a rich, dark, gorgeous tan infused with ingredients that help maintain the beauty of your skin.
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