Enhancement Drops in Violet Dusk

Enjoy Instant Enhancement Drops in Violet Dusk.  Customize each tanning experience with drops that deliver a delicate fragrance boost and a gorgeous enhanced, darker instant tanning result.
Reminiscent of a beautiful beach during dusk, Violet Dusk Enhancement Drops add dark luxurious touches of purples, pinks and browns creating a gorgeous bronzed result.
For those who desire a rich, deep, dark instant bronzed color.- drops can be added to professional Tan Frenzy Solution and Tan Frenzy Self-Tanning Elixirs.   
Compliments all skin types 
Virgin Coconut Infused
Professional: Add 2 dropperfuls for one full body tan to increase darkness of initial cosmetic color
Self-Tan:  Add 3 drops to Self-Tan Elixir  to darken initial tanning color. 
Ingredients: Purified water, glycol, polysorbate-20, fragrance oil, FD&C Red, Blue and Yellow Dye Combination