Bombshell Bronzer Solution Refill Pak (Blonde)

Bombshell Bronzer Refills specially and conveniently packaged for your Bombshell Bronzer.
Bronze for Blondes incorporates deep browns, rich violet pinks, and sheen champagne hues that melt together to create a luxurious exotic tan as if straight from the islands of the Caribbean. The skin is infused with anti-aging ingredients to help smooth and conceal imperfections, and the mosaic of shades is chosen specifically for blondes to emphasize blonde features. Fast-drying and hypoallergenic with even-fade technology for a natural fade and pure ingredients that dry quickly—we make bare beautiful.
(5) 6 oz bottles

*Pak yields 12 tans worth of solution
3 bottles Bronze for Blonde Rich & Dark
2 bottles Bronze for Blonde Pure & Natural

Category: solution

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